Credit for the creation of what has become Fireside Mallow Company™ ultimately belongs to our daughter, Grace. The story began on the last day of school in 2013 when a first night of summer sleepover prompted a backyard campfire and marshmallow roast. Four teenage girls spent the evening discussing all manner of important topics, their plans for the summer, that boy band from England, and of course S’mores!

    As Grace describes it, she had a "light bulb moment" and ran into the house to tell us what she wanted to do, she wanted to create a gourmet s'mores store.  To be completely honest other than an interesting conversation for the evening, not much was decided that first night. The next morning however, we couldn't let her idea go, our only thought was that the centerpiece of a s'more store would have to be an exceptional marshmallow.  The research began and after a year or so of trial, error, and experimenting with batch after batch of marshmallows we came up with a recipe we knew was different. We started sharing with friends and family and they all loved them, even calling before camping trips wanting to take some with them, often offering to buy them.

"We should open a gourmet s'mores store!"

   The response to our "Mallows" had become so exciting and encouraging that we looked for other ways to share them. At first we started renting booths at local events like harvest festivals, where we set up a roasting station and lines would form waiting to try our creation. The next phase came when we were asked to set up at a wedding, then a Christmas party, then a library fundraising dinner. Without really trying, we were creating a small catering business that was keeping us pretty busy, all from our little girl's idea. We called our little catering company, The S'mores Station, and enjoyed making people happy while listening to their stories when they were children making s'mores. The missing piece was at our events, customers wanted to be able to buy our Mallows and that really had not been our focus.


Our journey has brought us to Fireside Mallow Company and we would love for everyone to get a chance to try our timeless treat.