This colorfully sprinkled mallow practically sings “Happy Birthday” on its own! A cake batter flavored marshmallow generously dusted with multi-colored sprinkles will be on everyone’s list this year! one is a favorite of all the kids and the “kids at heart”.

Birthday Cake Mallows™

  • Mallows are fun, there is no doubt about it. Our Birthday Cake Mallows™ take fun to the next level. Bright white cake batter flavored marshmallows showered with brilliant colored sprinkles. These are the first choice for nearly every kid that stops by at one of our events.

  • Each package of our mallows contains 12 of our large handcut gourmet marshmallows. The bags we have chosen to use are very thick plastic with a zip top to ensure that your mallows stay fresh. Make sure to keep them in a cool and dry place. We recommend the pantry out of direct sunlight.